How to Get Abs

The Truth About How to Get Abs

That is the question that so many ask themselves once they decide to get into shape.  Most people believe that getting in shape is all about losing weight.  This is just not the case.  Simply losing weight is not how to get a six pack.  

In order for you to strengthen your core enough to get your abs to show, you must address certain aspects of your overall health.  Just as I have been telling my friends for years, learning how to get abs is more than just crunches and sit-ups. 

How to Get Abs - Building Muscle

This is the part that most people are quick to address.  Just like any other muscle, your abdominals need to be stressed in order for them to build.  Everyone is familiar with crunches and sit-up as a means to build their abs but there are many other exercises that are more fun and just as effective. 

Incorporating weights in your ab training is key to making your six pack visible for all to see.  In addition, weight training will add muscle to other areas of the body which will provide an extra benefit to your ab quest.

How to Get Abs - Getting Lean

This is the part that is most difficult for people.  The only way your abs will be visible as a six pack is if your body is lean enough to allow the muscle definition to be seen.  The best way to get lean is to speed up your metabolism.

Muscle is a hungry beast.  As you build muscle, your body will require more and more calories to maintain itself.  This is true even when you aren’t working out.  Once you reach a certain level of muscle mass, your metabolism will naturally burn more calories than you normally consume.  This effect will continue to trim the fat on your body and help get you closer and closer to achieving six pack abs.

The trick is to get to that point.  In order to do so, you must build muscle.  That is the only way to increase the speed of your metabolism on a long term basis.  The best way to do this is weight training for all of the major muscle groups. 

Contrary to what the infomercials would like you to believe, crunches won’t specifically target fat on your stomach.  Sure, you may burn fat in that area but your body could decide to take fat from your arms or back instead.  By focusing on total body development, you will reduce your overall body fat percentage and make sure your new abs shine through.  Now that you know the science behind how to get abs, it is your responsibility to take that knowledge and develop your six pack.

How to Get Abs - Beyond Crunches

The following are some exercises that you can incorporate into your workout regimen.  These ab workouts go beyond the normal crunches and sit-up and help develop your six pack even more.

Russian Twist
To perform the Russian Twist, climb onto a declining sit-up bench with your torso perpendicular to the pad and your knees bent.  Using a weight that you feel comfortable with, turn your torso to one side making sure to keep the weight directly in front of your chest.  Now twist to the other side.  One repetition is a complete twist from one side of your body to the other.

100m Dash
Sprinting is a great exercise that not only works on your cardiovascular and respiratory systems but it also helps develop your abs.  This is because the power needed to provide your legs with greater force for each step comes from your core.

Two-Person Leg Push
This exercise requires a partner.  Lie with your back flat on the floor.  Your partner will stand above you, facing the same direction your legs are pointing, with each of their feet next to each of your shoulders.  Wrapping your arms around their ankles, lift your legs into the air so that they are in front of your partner.  Your partner will grab your legs and push them forward.  Your objective is to prevent your legs from hitting the ground and lift them back in front of your partner.

Of course, there are many other exercises that you can perform to help develop your abdominals.  There are many elements involved in how to get abs to the point that they are more defined.  Variation in your routine will also work to build muscle in your midsection.